Friday, August 25, 2006

my triangular shawl (so far!)

There it is. :) I haven't worked on it in about a week. It's so nice and'll make a nice lil lap blanket when it starts getting chilly here. The yarn I'm using is TLC Cara Mia. I purchased that yarn a while ago and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to make with it. I tried socks but I soon found out that the yarn wasn't stretchy enough to be socks. Then I stumbled upon the triangular shawl that the knitting novices yahoo group were doing. I had never made a shawl before and I thought this would be the perfect project for this yarn. :) So far so good.


  1. I like the shawl. I've wanted to have a go at one but there's so many. And I can't decide between knitting and crochet. Decisions decisions decisions! Well done!

  2. thanks bernie! there are so, so many shawls. I only picked this one because I've never made one before. it's super easy too. Oh, if only I had the option of having to choose btwn knitting or crocheting! I day!


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