Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I hate blogger!!!!!

After spending an excessive amount of time fixing my page (because it somehow was a complete and utter mess) and I thought it was because I know nothing about html other than copying and pasting [which can only take you so far!], I found out that blogger was having issues. Oh, my page was an embarrassment yesterday! So I apologize to anyone who came to my page and saw it in its disarray! I thought the problem was when I was trying to add the code for the knit 1 blog 2 webring I just joined. I tried removing that code (since it was really the only new thing I had added to my page yesterday) but my page was still messed up! Messed up how you might say. Well, I had a light blue background, right? For some reason, the top half of the page was light blue, the middle part was dark blue (so you couldn't read any text!) and the rest of the page was light blue. Not to mention the lil design that came with the template on the right hand side was all jacked up! What else?? I continued to play aroung with it, and soon the text was all garbled up!!! I couldn't walk away either, being the perfectionist that I am! I had to fix it. So then I thought, maybe I should just try to choose a new background and that'll work. I started to just select the same background but I didn't complete creating a new background. Guess what I found this morning. A naked page. A naked page meaning all the work I had put into my page to beautify it was no gone. Did I have a back-up to all my codes I used? Heck, no. Now yesterday, I was flitting around the net anyway looking @ new templates. I wanted to give a 3 column template a whirl so I downloaded some and tried to use them but the one I dl'd didn't work. SO, I had to go searching for another template. Of course I didn't bookmark the page that had all the links to templates I liked. Only a genius would think to do that! In any case, here's my new blog! It's pretty spiffy. I learned a few things and I'm starting to get this html stuff. Now if only I could figure out how to change my banner and create my own button, my world will be complete! Okay, next blog will be about knitting stuff, I promise! :)

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