Wednesday, August 30, 2006

a time of completion

Here is the dreaded garterlac dishcloth which I completed yesterday @ about 11 in the morning. Blogger, if you read my previous post, was messing with me so the last thing on my mind was creating new posts to my blog. I really, really did not enjoy making this. Sure, colors are great and it looks great, but I guess I'm annoyed with the fact that I had to alter the pattern to fit my needs. I know, a lot of people like to alter patterns. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those people. In this case though, I wasn't expecting to have to alter it and that's why I'm not as enthused about this finished object as I am about others. It's done though. I'll probably make @ least one more down the line but not anytime soon. I need space from that pattern!! Yesterday, I got in this 'I need to finish stuff' mode and I'm still in it. I finished these finally this morning. They weren't difficult @ all but they were tedious. The pattern wasn't anything exciting but aren't they cute? One is a wee bit bigger than the other but for some reason, that's how I knit! If I'm working on a pair of something, the second one is most likely going to be a bit smaller because my tension is different. Go figure. That's why I like scarves. After I get all my posting done here and on the kr boards, I'm going to go back to my IHS because I am determined to finish that thing soon. The next dishcloth for my dishcloth kal is going to be announced on Friday and I'd kind of like to clear something off of my "What's On The Needles" slate if you know what I mean. ;)

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