Sunday, August 13, 2006

what's left on the needles...

These are only two of the three things that I claim to still have on the needles. My blanket-in-progress shouldn't count as I have nothing on the needles that pertains to it right now. ;) I'm slowly chugging along on the IHS. I think if I hadn't stopped to start and finish up baby items, I might be done with this scarf by now. I've lost the love I had established for it during the time I wasn't working on it. I worked on it a bit last night. I finally finished a skein and will probably begin the second skein tomorrow. It's 18 inches long right now so by the time I finish this scarf it'll be 54 inches long! Wow. Ohhh, I have to get started on the second bootie for my future niece! That won't take too long though. I plan to finish this scarf soon! I want to get started on other cable projects! Now, I just recently (say last night!) joined a dishcloth kal. I saw this dishcloth in the mason-dixon book and lo' and behold, there it was in a dishcloth kal! I had some cotton yarn that I didn't know what I was going to do with and viola, I stumbled upon the kal! I was a bit hesitant to join because I've seen a lot of detailed dishcloths flying around. Plus, money is a bit tight right now. ANyway, I quickly began on this dishcloth and a lil while ago, I realized we were all supposed to do a different twist on the edging! Ugh..I guess for my second one that's what I'll do. I really like it. When I saw pics of other people's dishcloths, I sat there wondering how in the world did they do that! :) Now I can be someone for others to marvel about. :)

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