Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well, tomorrow night we (my sister, my fiance, and I) will be hittin' the road. We are en route to our parents' home for the baby shower of our future niece (for whom I've been knitting up a storm! I may not be so active on KR or any of my kals or even my own blog because my parents have dial-up. Yes, you read correctly. Knitting has taught me patience, but I'm not that patient! Anyway, I may be lurking on KR or my kals or I might not so I thought I'd post this just so those who come to my blog know what's going on.

Ooooh, I just discovered the Edit Html button. I didn't know I could decide there in what order I wanted my pictures to appear! I've been wasting all this time trying to upload my pictures in the 'right order.' The things you learn...I'm going to miss blogging while I'm gone! Hope everyone has a great Labor Day!


  1. Have a safe trip. When we had dial up I got a lot of knitting done while I waited for pages to load!

  2. good idea..I hadn't though about knitting while I waited for the pages to load up! I'd get sidetracked though and knit instead of go online!


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