Monday, August 28, 2006


After frogging an infinite number of times, I have finally started to figure out this garterlac pattern! I ended up having to alter the pattern a bit to meet my needs. I wanted to be able to knit it w/o having to do anything to the pattern. Call me crazy. I prefer things straight-forward like that. This is where I left off @ about 10 this morning. I haven't touched it since. I plan to finish it tonight (shouldn't be too difficult) and then I'm going to focus my attention on other things like maybe the baby mitts I started @ about the same time I started this dishcloth..or maybe that besotted scarf. Right now I'm looking @ different versions of the completed my so-called scarf so I can figure out what kind of yarn I want to use because I don't foresee myself purchasing any manos del uruguay right now!


  1. Is the only requirement for "left-handed knitting" being left handed,if so, count me in:) You've inspired me. Maybe I too can one day matter garterlac..or not.

  2. Caroline,
    if you ask me yeah, being left-handed is the only requirement for 'left-handed knitting!' I'm sure you too, can master're going to want to toss the yarn out the window @ some point but you'll eventually get it. And if you need assistance, I'm always around. :)

  3. Great job. I just finished the garterlac in that same color yesterday. Need to take a pic for my blog. Yours looks a little neater than mine, though!


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