Friday, August 18, 2006

FO: Textured Slip Stitch Dishcloth Done! :)

I actually completed it a couple of days ago but I didn't have a chance to post a pic of the completed project until now. So here it is. I'm a bit behind on the dishcloth kal because I'm waiting on my yarn that I ordered to get here! I tracked it, and the stuff I ordered should be getting here on Tuesday. Then I get to start on the garterlac! Right now I'm contemplating joining the triangular shawl kal that the knitting voices group started way back in January! Thankfully, it's ongoing. I might just be the last one to join. Oh well. I have yet to make a shawl and I actually wanted to make one during the whole poncho craze. I've got a poncho that was given to me by one of the parents @ my school and unfortunately it's too big. The wheels have been turning as to what I'd like to make with all that yarn...


  1. Join the Triangular Shawl KAL!!! I am so not done, I need someone to help pace me thourgh it!!! LOL Seriously - love your Slip stitch cloth. I've got leftovers I think might work for mine, I just need to DO IT!!!!

  2. michele-not sure if you're going to see this comment but I have tried to join and they haven't admitted me yet!

    alliesw, thanks! It's similar to the mason dixon's SO addicting!


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