Saturday, January 6, 2007

cleaning house so to speak

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my niece and for congratulating me on my 100th post. :) This weekend officially marks the time when I finally take all the holiday decorations and cards down. I always wait until the Epiphany to do it--I guess cos I noticed while growing up that's when my mom took everything down. Now, I think she takes everything down sooner just because she has less time to do stuff now. I've got some good news on the job front. I think I've posted that I'll be starting soon with my first clients next week. I thought I was just going to have three to start but apparently I have four starting next week, and the week after that I have 2 others starting. There's a possible seventh one in the wings. What sucks is my ability to substitute at the school in the Palisades might be taken away because I'll be working right afterschool with my new clients. I guess we'll see. The other good news is that placement agency I signed up with, they emailed me about a position opening up at the school I've been subbing at!!!!!!!!!!! It's for first grade!!!!!!!!! I haven't heard anything from the school directly but the placement agency did send my portfolio out to the school. I think it is for next school year and you know what, that's totally fine by me because that's what I want, a full-time position for the upcoming school year. And I plan to keep my part-time position with the Kelter Center too. In knitting news, I haven't made too much progress on the scarf or the sock. In fact, I ended up frogging both a few times because I wasn't giving either one my complete divided attention when I was working on them--serves me right, I guess! I was watching "How To Eat Fried Worms" while working on my sock the other night. Has anyone else seen that movie? I couldn't stop laughing. I loved that it has the girl from "Curly Sue" too and if you're a "Weeds" watcher, the kid who plays Shane is in this movie as well and he is freakin' hilarious!


  1. Feels good to have everything put away, doesn't it? Good luck on the job front. That would be so much fun to have a job teaching 1st grade. The kids are so cute at that age :)
    I'll keep my fingers crossed!

    Happy knitting :)

    P.s. You need some movie knitting...mindless not needing attention knitting...LOL :)

  2. We did all the undecorating yesterday. Then I got to relax and knit.

    Yay on the job news! I hope whatever you want works out for you. You deserve it, cuz you're so nice!!


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