Sunday, January 14, 2007

saturday knitting

Here's what I worked on yesterday! I was able to finish one half of the convertible mitten pair. They're a bit snug around the fingers but that was my fault for not reading the pattern accurately! Oh well, good thing they come in pairs. :) I also worked on my Widdershin! Thank you Liz for suggesting that I check out the video on It really helped! I watched the video Friday but didn't do the actual knitting until yesterday and I think it came out okay. I really love my sock. I didn't even have this much love for the first sock I ever made. I think making toe-up socks is amazing. I love that I can try it on whenever I want. I also love that I can decide how big I want the cuff to be. I do have to say that I agree with whoever it was that asked, "Why do handknit socks make your ankles look so fat?? :P I may attempt to complete my widdershin today but we'll see. I ought to also do some work on my sister's scarf! I'm so glad tomorrow is a holiday for me! :)


  1. Your knitting looks just great. The convertible mittens look very interesting. Will you post a picture showing how they convert?

    Love the widdershins. Don't worry about your ankles looking fat...I think everyone knows it's the angle the picture is taken at. The same thing happened to me when I took my pocketbook slipper pics.

    Have fun knitting :)

  2. Yay! A knitting weekend. Your mitten is great, and your sock is looking cute!

  3. I'm glad knittinghelp worked out for you. That site is so great. Are you totally converted to toe-up now? Sounds like it! ;-)

  4. Your sock looks great! I have that pattern bookmarked, but I'm afraid of it, I've never done toe ups. I'm such a wimp about socks! lol


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