Saturday, January 27, 2007

lace talk and what I've been working on

After completing two heart lace cloths by smariek, I've decided that I need to work on some lace projects. I want to get good at knitting lace. Yesterday, I spent part of the evening looking up lace projects and I saved a few that I'm going to try out soon. Put that first sweater on hold, give me some lace! Smariek has a lot of lace cloths and the one that called out to me was the travelling vines one so I set out to work on it late last night and I finished it in the wee hours of the morning. You'd all be proud! I worked on it while watching "Accepted." So there are some movies I can knit to after all. Back to the lace, I am determined to knit a third heart lace cloth too--one that is nicer than the first two! Why all of a sudden have I become a perfectionist with lace??? I just want my lacework to look right. Is that wrong???
I haven't touched my widdershin or my convertible mitt. I don't think I'll start my second mitt until after I've casted on for my second widdershin. I'm using the same size needles for both projects. I have two sets of the dpns but one set is super bendy so I've been mixing my needles for both projects-makes things easier.
You're not going to believe this. I
finally found a pattern for my sister's scarf. It's a bit weird because the ends are knit separately but so far so good. The pattern is an easy one to remember and it actually is the scarf I had wanted to make for my sister in the first place. I mean when I was trying to design my own pattern using the BW books! This pattern was a smart way to do it. I hadn't even thought of doing right twists as opposed to the cables I had picked out to go on the sides of the braided cable. The pattern can be found here. Here's a pic of what I've done so far. Oh no. I was going to address some comments that had been posted but now I don't know who made them! Someone was asking for the pattern for the convertible mitts. I actually have the pattern posted on the sidebar if you look under what's on my needles. Liz asked about if I twist my stitches and you know, as a somewhat combined knitter, I do and had never thought there'd come a time when it would bite me on the you know what. Hence the reason for wanting to knit lace. I worked on that travelling vines cloth as a true left-handed combined continental knitter and look how it came out. :)I think I did a good job. So I am retraining my brain and my hands to knit fully as a continental knitter. It's a learning process.
I just noticed that since I haven't upgraded my template, my posts can't be found according to their label. Why am I even bothering then??


  1. You might check out Annie Modesitt's book. I think there's some trick to combined knitting whereby twisted stitches get untwisted. Good luck! It took a while for me to adjust, but it was totally worth it.

  2. I love the scarf you are knitting for your sister...very pretty color!
    Good luck with your lace knitting :)

    happy knitting :)

  3. i *heart* that scarf... it's beautimous..

    I somehow lost you when I switched templates.. Glad i found you again

  4. Your knitting is beautiful but I can hardly read your text - on my monitor the text is pink and the background is pink too. The hyperlinks are blue and that's almost as difficult to read on the rose background. Please reconsider!

    Good luck with your knitting!


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