Sunday, January 14, 2007

streets of San Francisco

This story is long overdue! Basically, my mom took the week of Christmas off from work. Apparently, she took it off and was going to come back to LA with us (yet failed to mention this to us because the last time it was even brought up was Thanksgiving!!!!). We weren't prepared to go back to LA the day after Christmas and then have to drive back to Salinas to drop her off (and then make a third trip to LA). We don't own any oil wells and we don't manufacture our own gas! Since she had all that free time, she wanted to do two things (yes, just two!) go to San Francisco and go to Valley Fair-a fancy mall in Santa Clara. We drove into the city probably on the 28th of December. It was just my mom, my fiance, and I. My sister had already gone back to LA. My brother actually was gonna try to meet up with us (and bring that darling of a niece of mine!) in San Francisco but that didn't happen. They had tons of laundry to do so they got as far as San Jose. Anyway, we get to the city, and my mom doesn't really have an idea what exactly she wants to do! I had never been to the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park (and neither had she) so that was our first stop. Here's mom. :) She didn't particularly love the tea gardens-and neither did I. We were rather disappointed. Plus there were a lot of tourists there. There's my mom @ the top of this wheel we climbed up. She's kind of laughing @ me. I think as we were going up the thing I asked her, "How are we supposed to get down from here??" My fiance tried to take a pic of us actually posing but there were too many annoying tourists! :P It's okay. The day was about experiences, not photo ops. Here's my fiance's contribution for some artistic content: That was taken in the botanical gardens. We only did the two gardens and then we were off and running. Next stop was...a park that my mom had been to when she first became a citizen that was near the Golden Gate Bridge she said. That was where she really wanted to go. So here are some Golden Gate Bridge shots to share. :) This one was taken when we got there. This one was taken after we had climbed all these steps and were much closer to the bridge. The walk was both cool and envigorating. I had never been up those steps before and they reminded me of these other steps that lead up to Julius Castle. After we made it back down, my mom and I went into the gift shop which is where we saw those knitting kits. Here's the other pic I took! The kits were maybe $19.99 and I couldn't believe it!! Anyway, our next and final stop was Lombard Street because my mom had never been there. Let me tell you, the wait was long and I kept envisioning our car rolling back into the cars behind us because we were on a somewhat steep hill where the cars were stop and go. I took pics while we drove through it but I didn't get any that truly captured Lombard Street. :( I tried to take a shot after we had exited it to get the whole street but I couldn't get a good shot. Oh well. The houses were interesting. I don't know how the people who live there put up with all the traffic though. And there you have it. I did get some knitting done. I knitted allthe way up. :) I worked on my widdershin.


  1. Great story. Sounds like fun. I love the pictures, too! :)

  2. You gotta love SF! I lived in Monterey for a while, and used to take day trips up there and points north every chance I got. Boy, do I miss living in CA! Hope you had fun! :) Thanks for bringing back good memories for me!

  3. Thanks for the feid trip. It's probably the closest I'll get to San Fransisco. Very pretty pictures.
    You're widdershin is looking great too :)

  4. Is it just the time of year? Would you like it better if it was in springtime when things are in bloom? I love San Francisco!


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