Friday, January 12, 2007

it's finally happened

You know how blogger says that when they're ready for you to make the switch you'll see it in your dashboard?? Well, all this time I had been waiting to see if I'd ever see that they think I'm ready to switch and guess what I saw just now??? Apparently, 3 now 4 of the team blogs that I'm in have switched over now. It's turning into a mass exodus! Earlier today only 3 of my blogs had gone over to the new blogger! The others haven't switched yet. I wonder what made blogger decide that now was the time for me to switch? I don't think blogger is ready for me to switch yet. I won't be able to take my template with me. I've seen some of the newer ones and none of them are me. Plus, I'm not ready to learn new coding! It was nice to see that I'm 'cool' now. lol. I thought about clicking on the button just to see if it would tell me that they're not ready for me after all! I'll be back with a real blog..and some knitting. I worked a bit on my convertible mitten. I'm actually working on the flap now! I've been reading up on short row heels too. I'm at the heel mark with my widdershin and I don't want to have to do the wrapping stuff. Any suggestions? I tried it and wasn't sure if I did it correctly. Nona tried the wrapping technique, the japanese one and the yarn over one. I kinda like the japanese one but I have to figure out how to do that as opposed to the version provided for me in the widdershins pattern. :P Ugh..I really really want to knit on my sister's scarf but haven't been able to. I've gotta finish something soon. Thank goodness for MLK day. :) I'll have a full week next week. So, I'll return with pics of what's on my needles as well as the sf story that I've been owing you all. Oh, in case you're wondering, my first week of work went well. One girl is obnoxious. She's a lil princess. She even walked in with a mini-louis vuitton bag!!!!!! I have two new clients next week and then my schedule will be somewhat set. There's talk of me taking over these morning clients but I like having my mornings free! Plus, last night was the first night where I didn't spend the entire time lesson planning. It only took me maybe an hour to lesson plan for my twins and their sister. I already lesson planned for my princess and I won't see her til Wednesday. My new ones start on Wednesday-back to back. I wonder how my coworkers lesson plan when they stay til closing. :P


  1. It really won't let you take the template with you? Weird!

    I've done widdershins, and it's not too bad. try the tutorial on wraps and turns. if you have the right number of stitches, no gaping holes or weird loops of yarn on the outside, and you like the way it looks, then you did it right.

  2. When I switched over it left my template as it was and didn't switch it until I selected that I wanted to update it. In some ways the new ones are easier to edit, and some ways they are more difficult. Maybe make a new blog just to fiddle around with and see if you like it or not?

    YAY for being cool now. lol

  3. How can I tell if some of the "teams" or blogs I belong to have switched to Beta (new blogger?) Cuz I had to create a secondary account before, for the teams I joined, since they werent on beta, and I was.... is there a way to tell??

  4. I wouldn't even know how to help you with that. I didn't even like the original blogger so I went with typepad instead.

  5. My son's Flat Stanley is on his way to St. Clair Shores, Mich. where he will spend the weekend for a class project.
    A thing popped up for me to switch over a good month ago but since I can't even work this one right yet, I declined.
    Can't wait to see pics as the lingo is still pretty Greek to me. Or french, Spanish, Norweigan, etc. You get the picture.

  6. Just wanted to let you know before you try clicking on the switch now button, make sure you save your template(html) in notepad. That way everything should be there if you have to do any "tweeking" of the template. I started a new blog in the new blogger to test all the new features out....actually I started two. One for my finished items and then one for my cooking! I really like the new blogger, but since the Mason-Dixon KAL is keeping me from switching, I'll wait for now. If you can---play around with the new blogger first.
    Glad your first week went well.

    Happy knitting :)

  7. I've had that on my dashboard for quite a while. Well, they might be ready, but I don't know if I am!

    Hope you get a bunch of knitting in this long weekend! :)

  8. I switched a couple weeks ago when they gave me the okay, but Im not sure if I did it right, because I haven't changed my template?? I'll have to look into that. Good luck on those short rows. That's something I haven't conquered (or even attempted to conquer) yet. Yea!! Sounds like your first week went pretty good!


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