Tuesday, January 12, 2010

busy monday

I heard back from the luggage shop in that neighboring town. The store manager left me a vm yesterday telling me that the dm wanted to hire someone with a bit more retail experience than I had. You know what? I was perfectly fine with that. What's funny is over the weekend, I really started to think about the possibility of working in a shop selling luggage and I wasn't too keen on the idea of it. I'd be on my feet all day long (something I'm not used to!) and I'd have to wear black from head to toe. So in a way it worked out. Yes, I'm still without a job but that's okay. Something will pan out. I received my Winter shipment of the Dye Dreams Four Seasons Sock Club! What spurred me to sign up for it late last year was that Anne Hanson was going to do one of the patterns and you get a bag with each kit! ;) I present to you A Sockwork Orange. It reminds me a bit of candy corn. The pattern is pretty straightforward. I just might even cast on for them and do the kal! We'll see. I have other socks on my horizon. I went through my basket of handknit socks and realized that I have way more handknit socks than my husband does. So yesterday I talked to him about this before heading off to the hospital to visit him and I brought with me some 'manly' skeins of yarn and the two 'manly' sock patterns I currently own to see what he'd pick out. I prefaced the offer of new pairs of socks with the notion that in no way would they be completed asap but at least one pair would be finished once I got a few of my current projects out of the way. He will now be known as Mr. Fancy Feet to me because he selected two skeins of sundara sock yarn and I kept saying, "I don't even have a pair of socks made out of this stuff yet.." Granted my only manly skeins of yarn consist of two skeins of sundara and two skeins of malabrigo sock yarn (which I also haven't used to make a pair of socks for myself yet!). The patterns I brought for him were Bricker and Gridiron. I wish I had more manly sock patterns but I think right now those are two patterns I own that haven't been made for him yet. He's getting a lot of use out of his handknit socks in the hospital. It's nice. :) On Sunday, I went a lil crazy and cast on for yet another new project. I finally cast on for a springtime bandit which I'm calling leafy greens (for obvious reasons!). This is yet another green project to add to my queue! I must be on some sort of green kick right now. I've been making progress on my crack socks too. This has actually been a surprisingly quick and easy knit. Yet when I first cast on for these babies, it was something awful! Guess that goes to show that my knitting skills are improving. :) My habitat hat has been waiting for me to get distracted with the crack socks or the leafy greens but it hasn't happened yet. So I think I have to finish one of them before I can focus on the habitat hat. It seems as though I've been doing okay keeping up with my blog and my knitting but letters and blog reading have fallen by the wayside so I wanted to extend my apologies for sort of losing touch. That should end soon though (I'm hoping!!). Thanks for bearing with me and for being there through all of this chaos!!


  1. Glad you are knitting your hubby another pair of socks :) He must be showing off the pair he's wearing now to everyone...

    Sorry about the job :(, but I bet something better will come about real soon.

  2. Sounds like even though having that job would be ok it is just not where your heart is. I got a call from a temp agency today about a job and I have a feeling I will get it and I'm not sure. It's customer service which is ugh, but I won't be on the phone all day which is better. Plus it is almost a $3/hour pay cut. But rught now beggers can't be choosers so I will take it if offered.

  3. I really really love the colors in the yarns you've chose!

    Sorry to hear you didn't get the job, but I'm glad that you're okay with not getting it. I'm sure you'll find something when the time is right ;)

  4. Your WIPs are all looking great! How is hubby doing? Any sign he will be home soon?


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