Monday, January 4, 2010

the interview

I just got back from my interview which was pretty low-key. The guy kind of got the times mixed up (and I had a feeling he might..). I got into town at 11 (which was the time he wanted to originally meet according to the vm he left me but when we actually spoke he said 11:30. So since I had about a half hour and I knew there was supposed to be a yarn shop nearby, I took a walk. :o I ended up not finding the yarn shop though. I circled for a bit even. There was a possibility of me showing up to my interview late because I couldn't believe that the yarn shop that was on the map wasn't where it was supposed to be. I was a bit sad. I knew I wasn't going to buy anything but it's just nice to look, ya know? Anyway, we had to conduct the interview near the register (which I didn't mind at all). The next step is he is going to forward my information to the district manager who will be calling me. He suggested I go into that interview saying that I'd like to be a keyholder and eventually asst. manager. He said it wasn't rocket science at all. He also said to just let her know where I was at with teaching. You all know I'm at an impasse. I think if I got a teaching job right now it would be great but part of me doesn't think I'd be happy. If this job doesn't turn into anything, it's okay. I plan on doing a bit more work on my non-teaching cover letter so that I could look into secretarial stuff..or maybe even some agriculture/seed technology since that's what's big around these parts. On the drive to the interview, it hit me today how lucky I am to live here-which if you know me is a bit ironic because I have spent most of my young adulthood running away from where I grew up. It is a beautiful, gorgeous day outside. There is not a breeze in sight. The sun is shining and the sky is so so blue (without as much as a hint of the amount of pollution you'd find in the blue skies of LA!). Speaking of LA, my sister is having her own personal health crisis. She threw up several times yesterday, had a headache, and has diarrhea to boot. Oh, the kicker is that she's having pain near her kidneys (sound familiar??) so I was a lil freaked. She told me to call her today to make sure she's alive. Dork. I did and asked if she had a fever or anything that maybe it was appendicitis. Then I asked if her insurance provider had an advice nurse (to which she said she didn't know!). I told her it probably did because all the insurance I ever had always did. Luckily she found the number and called. She was advised to go see a doctor and that bedrest is not going to help her! For once she was smart enough to stay home though. I reminded her that this was why our parents didn't want her so far away because we can't help her when she's sick! She didn't even have anyone to bring her any pedialyte. Poor girl. Maybe she'll rethink this LA deal now..hopefully she's okay. She'll find out in about half an hour! Okay I am off to pack for my night at the hospital. Please send good thoughts my way so that I can avoid any drama (i.e. bro and SIL drama!) while I'm there. It doesn't put me in the best of moods..Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some knitting progress!


  1. Congratulations on the interview going well!

    I fled from Michigan, where I grew up, to Washington state because I hated it in MI so much. After financially deconstructing in 2007, I had little choice but to come back home where family could help me, and so I did. Being back here has been an amazing gift in many ways - once I got out of the awful ghetto house where I lived for a couple of years and back into the country, where I belong.

    It's funny where life leads us, sometimes. :)

  2. Good vibes are on the way to you....may take a minute or two considering you are on the other side of the country ;)


  3. Glad to hear hubby is a bit better.. hang in there chica. Keep us posted on how things go job-wise!

  4. Oh no, I hope your sister is okay too! I really am praying for Joey & your sister's health.

    I hope you get the job! Let us know when you find out how it went.

    Can't wait to see your knitting progress! Sucks you couldn't find that yarn shop - but probably better for the budget!


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