Thursday, January 7, 2010

the results are in

Well, yesterday we got the results back from the biopsy that was done on my husband last week. It's not what we were hoping for but guess what? He's still going to live a hopefully long and healthy life but there's going to be some changes. We had been given a small glimmer of hope the day before that things were going to sort of return to normal but then we received the real news. After having metabolized the information we were given, we now have some questions which we are going to ask the doctor about tomorrow. What sucked is that it was virtually a stranger giving us the news and not any of the doctors we had come to sort of 'know' and trust so we're having some second thoughts about this doctor's version of what's going on. I think once we hear the information from the doctor we know, then we can really believe it at least that's how I feel. Okay, I had to stop in the midst of this post to get ready for an interview with the d.m. of the shop I interviewed at on Monday. I think the interview went well. She had me try to sell her something on the spot--and I have absolutely NO retail experience whatsoever! She 'purchased' what I was trying to sell her though. She is going to be doing more interviews next week and will be letting people know sometime next week. In the meantime, I really need to jazz up my cover letter so I can start applying for secretarial stuff as well. I'm on a ribbing break. I think I've overloaded my fingers/hands with ribbing. Ha. I started the super cupcake cowl and I'm at 4.5 inches and the pattern says to knit til the thing is 11.75 inches. YEAH! I finished the super cupcake hat (still blocking I think!) but I have yet to get a picture of it and I also finished minimus! Can I tell you my niece absolutely loves this yarn? She was playing with both the minimus and the maximus the other night. I have enough yarn to make something for her so we'll see. Maybe an mini minimus? We'll see. It was cute watching her fold them and love them so much!


  1. Hope you get the answers to your questions soon. Glad for you both that there is is some real hope...will keep you hubby in my prayers. Hope he'll be feeling better real soon and can come home and get back to normal or as normal you can be.
    Good luck...hope and pray you get the job.
    Your knitting looks great! A mini minimus sounds really cute. Your little cutie would really love that :) happy knitting (I know it keeps me sane) :)

  2. Sorry the news wasn't exactly what you were hoping for. Hopefully your doctor can give you something good to look forward to.

  3. Well, tentatively positive on the health front - that's good.

    What a strange interview - I would totally choke. Sounds like you did OK at least. Fingers crossed!

    I can only take ribbing in small doses - I can totally see how you'd be on overload. I had to have my mom finish a pair of ribbed socks for me bc I just couldn't look at them anymore, LOL.

  4. I am glad that the results are that he will live and he'll be okay! That's all that is important, regardless :)

    I tried to look up Minimus on RAvelry - who's it by? I can't find it?

    Nice projects!

  5. I'm happy to hear you got some good news, though I'm with you on getting it from someone not familiar to you. We'll continue to keep the husband in our prayers.

    The super cupcake cowl looks pretty, though I can see how it's not that exciting of a knit. Love it though. :)

    Good luck on that job hunt!


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