Sunday, January 17, 2010

rainy sunday

Since I've been away, I finished knitting my leafy greens and she's about to have a bath.

It's longer than I thought it would be (which makes me glad!). I'm nearly finished with my first crack sock. I'm about one pattern repeat (I think!) and a toe away from completion.

Too many thoughts were swirling around in my head last night as I tried to fall asleep. I sort of decided that I would complete my crack socks and then finish that second habitat habitat hat I started. After I finish off those two projects, I will start working again on the shawl for my mom even though I know it's going to take eons to finish (that's the reason I haven't finished it yet!). it's gotta be done, you now? Oh and somewhere in between I'm going to cast on for one of the pairs of socks for my husband too! Oh and that ribbed cowl will get finished too! Lofty goals, I know..more so than my resolutions for this year! ;)
I finished another book while I was away. This one was super quick! It was also 'fitting' for my current situation. I passed it along to my husband and he read it in a jiffy as well. It really got to his core and changed his way of thinking a bit.
What's funny is, I've had a list of books that I've kept (for what seems like forever) and I decided to finally seek out those books on that list and read them.

Judging by the publish dates of these books, I've had this list since about 2000. I know I have other book titles written down elsewhere. It's what I do. If I read something about a book, I jot down the title in the hopes of eventually reading it. Of course I don't necessarily keep track of these lists either. I just jot down the titles on whatever I have laying around. Sometimes I don't even jot down the titles. I keep a memory of what I liked about the book thinking that I'll be able to find it on the internet (which is something I just did and I've now placed that particular book on hold).
Right now I've got a couple of non-fic books that I'm reading and I have to say, they're not as fun as my usual pick of fiction. I can't sit there and picture the story unfolding and leave it up to my imagination. With non-fic books, you usually know the people involved (or at least the situations sometimes) and it's just not as entertaining. I'm reading Mommywood right now (ha!) and in a way I'm sort of re-living the Tori & Dean reality show (which I do by the way enjoy. teehee!). It's kind of like if I've already walked down that road once before why go down it again? I'm going to give it another shot though. The other book I'm reading is The Tipping Point which I've been wanting to read for at least a year now. I became interested in Malcolm Gladwell at my last school so I'm glad to finally have my hands on this puppy. I've also got one of the other books waiting for me at the library. There's an interesting review from Publishers Weekly about this one and I've been starting to wonder if all his books are just a collection of all his New Yorker articles (which are great reads) but who wants a compilation of those when you can just grab a copy of New Yorker? I will trudge along though.
Okay, aside from the knitting and the books, I've been doing some man work as well. lol. For Christmas, we got my mom a molcajete de piedra (mortar and pestle made of stone). Though the one we got her isn't as dark as the one in the link. It's closer to the concrete, I think. Apparently, you have to grind rice in it before you use it (so said my husband!). I knew my mom would never get around to it and I had wanted to do this for her anyway. So, I finally remembered to do it and here's what it looks like now.If you ask me, she is now a thing of beauty.

Back to the library and the books..I really have to say that my (now) local library is amazing. I've always thought the library system here where I grew up to be quite antiquated and some of you know that in the last year or two, they were actually threatening to completely rid the place of libraries, period. The ability to place books on hold is a new addiction for me. The reason for the increased praise for my local library system is I was actually able to (just now!) place a brand new book that I've been wanting to read on hold!


  1. I've always been a book list maker. I've got titles and titles that I eventually one day want to read. And my time... keeps getting less and less for myself, LOL.

    Let us know if you read any of those books and how they are!

    Leafy Green looks awesome. Looking forward to some photos of you wearing it!

  2. I love our library too. I love being able to place holds as well and they will even buy a book they don't have if you ask them to.

  3. I read Tori's previous book and it was pretty compelling - not sure I want to read the new one, though. Nice knits!

  4. Love, Love your shawl. It really is the color :)

  5. Love the leafy greens!!!! And the sock...I love green. You know what's funny, though - a while back somebody gave me a really pretty olivewood mortar and just a couple of days ago I was using it to crush garlic, and I said to my family - somebody oughta give me a real molcajete pretty soon. I need some rock here!!! Very cool!

  6. Bee-autiful! I love the shawl and the socks, and for some strange reason I've always wanted a mortar and pestle, but I don't know why. They're just cool. :)


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