Monday, January 18, 2010

impulse knitting

You've heard of impulse shopping/impulse buying. We are all victims of it-particularly those of you who knit/crochet/craft/scrapbook/quilt/etc! Well, I fell prey to impulse knitting late last night. I was going through my patterns that I keep in my wips bin and I had the milkweed shawl in there (for future knitting!). I nonchalantly started to go through my yarn bins. I was actually looking to see if there was stuff I could destash and then I peaked into my three irish girls bin. Yes, I have a separate bin for this yarn because I have more than three or four skeins of the stuff. (I also have a sundara bin!) Well, there were two skeins in there that were possiblities for a milkweek for myself. One of them I just couldn't part with just yet though. So here's how far I got.

The yarn is amazing to work with. Oh my gosh. If you haven't used any three irish girls yarn ever you better hop on over and get your hands on some, quick! I've got two projects in Sharon's yarns and it's the softest yarn in the world making my two projects just sort of breeze by. Here's my first finished crack sock! It's been raining so excuse the poor photos!

I've already cast on for the second sock so we'll see how long it takes me to finish the pair. Can I tell you this sock fits like a glove. Some of my previously knit socks don't fit as well as they used to. I know it's because my feet have morphed into a smaller size. I might have to start giving some away.

Edited to Add: The sun came out for a bit so I was able to get a pic that is truer to the color of my blood, sweat, and tears shawl. :)


  1. I'm so out of the loop, Rhoda! My internet was down for a few days so I've gotten behind. I would love to be your neighbor and go dig in your yarn bins with you... they sound yummy! I also love the impulse knitting concept--it happens to me all the time!

  2. Great projects to start!

    I have the case of impulse too... for shopping/knitting, you name it. It's like it has to get done NOW!


  3. You are really turning into a speed demon...knitting away on quite a few projects. It's a good thing to be impulsive with ;)

  4. Beautiful shawl. And I love the green socks. Never heard of Three Irish Girls, thanks for point them out.


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