Friday, October 27, 2006


Here it is, the finished pumpkin. I had already done the mouth and nose but when I brought it out to my fiance to do the eyes (cos I couldn't do them!) he showed me that the mouth was set too high. He undid the mouth and the nose and I got another workshirt to stuff it (so that takes us up to 4!) and he worked diligently on it as he watched the "Jamie Kennedy Experience." Whoever thought to give that guy a break was a moron. I decided to cast on for my cherry garcia again too. This time rather than using the circulars that were way too long, I just used my new size 10 dpns-of which I'm now missing one. Actually, I've been missing one since the other night. I haven't the faintest idea where it could be. :( I needed it last night too! I have some leftover bearclaw yarn and I really like how the cables are coming out! The pattern calls for 4 cable twists so I should be done soon because I'm about to start the round of the 3rd set of twists. I hope once it's around my neck I don't start sweating profusely. I tend to get cold easily so I'm hoping this will remedy that. I was going to start on a pair of ear mitts too because my left ear will get a chill from time to time. It's hard to explain and it's weird butI don't enjoy when it happens. I essentially get an earache--a throbbing one sometimes. So I have cotton balls in my purse, in all the cars I ride in, etc! I didn't start them yet because I need sock weight yarn and currently, I don't have any that I'd like to use. At least not in the color I'd want them in! Ooh, some news! I sent out my resume to a few places this week and I finally got a call back regarding one of them. So I have an interview on Election Day. It's a 'mass interview' which I still don't really understand. I'm wondering if I should bring my headshot or something! I was told that a group of us will be there and we'll each get about 5 min. with the director. Should I try to come up with a song to impress her in my 5 min. of fame? After that, the ones that are liked (I guess!) will get 'callbacks.' Yes, that is the word she used. How very Hollywood of her. I did a search of the organization-it's a nonprofit that specializes in educational services and it's 3 miles away from my house. I hope that I at least get a callback. Oh and it's part-time which is right up my alley for now. Anything part-time would do because then I could start buying some yarn again!


  1. Very very cute pumpkin! It won't rot either which is the best part.

  2. That pumpkin looks great! Good luck in your interview!

  3. I LOVE the punkin! Too cute!
    Scarf is going to be gorgeous! What a good idea, ear mitts!

  4. Love your pumpkin! The cables look really great in that yarn.

    I'm sending good vibes so you get that job. Good, good vibes!

  5. I love the pumpkin, and the smile! And that neckwarmer is absolutely gorgeous, too!

  6. I'm loving your pumpkin!! Nice job. Your cables look awesome too! Good luck with your interview. I know you'll wow them!


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