Wednesday, October 4, 2006

no knitting today, maybe

Do you find that even though you're not knitting physically, you're at least thinking about it? That's what I've been doing in my 'no knitting' days. For some reason I've been thinking that it's harder for my wrist to heal here in LA than it was in Salinas. I think my wrist was getting stronger there than here. When we were in Salinas though, I wouldn't wake up cold. Here, I wake up cold so my fingers are a bit stiff. I don't like it @ all!! I stopped with the babying and have just not knitted since we got back. Of course we're going back home Friday night but I can't knit in the dark! Thank goodness. I'll try to but it won't work out too well and I end up frogging whatever I worked on in the dark!! So I've been thinking about the dishcloth we're 'working on' for my kal. It's a mystery dishcloth and since I have no black dishcloth yarn, I haven't even started. I'm missing black and white. I don't want to have to order any online and I know I didn't see any black or white dishcloth when I was @ Michael's or Wal-Mart not too long ago. I'm going to save the pattern though. I'm looking forward to dishcloth patterns that aren't requiring colors I don't have. I've also been thinking about my blanket that isn't on the needles but it's something I have in the works and hope to complete someday! I need to start working on the squares for it again because it'll come in really handy since it's starting to get a bit chilly now. Thank you to AR and nikki for the well wishes regarding my niece. :) Maybe when I go to meet her for the first time this weekend, I can try to get a pic of her in one of the knitted pieces I made...and since she's definitely on the tiny size, the lil hats should fit her perfect! :)

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  1. You must be a knitaddict, too. If I don't have time to knit, or can't for some reason, I'm usually thinking about it. Have fun seeing that little niece for the first time!

    ps and rest your wrist!


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