Thursday, October 12, 2006

a guest this week and some knitting

That's Stanley aka as Flat Stanley. He flew in from Arizona to check out sunny Los Angeles for a week. I spent his first evening here picking out clothes for him out of the latest issue of InStyle and this is what I came up with. The shoes I got separate. I was glad that there were knitted beanies in the issue of InStyle because he had to have on something knitted. He has clothes on the back as well but I have yet to take a photo of them. I couldn't only clothe the front of him because then he'd be naked, wouldn't he? We spent a lot of time online Stanley and I, visiting the KR Forums, checking out blogs, job searching, and we did some laundry! Here he is with my completed wrist warmer that he watched me finish.And here I am trying to stretch it out for my sister. The fit is a big snug but I'm sure with wear it'll stretch out some. She didn't make a smart choice in yarn. I used lion brand's wool-ease which isn't very stretchy. Oh well. Great look. Great color. What more could you want? Oh, maybe the other one to be finished which it almost is. Stanley reminded me that I'm not supposed to knit in the evening. He's so smart. My fiance got home and he wanted to take Stanley into Hollywood. So here are Stanley and I next to the CPK at Hollywood & Highland.
As we were walking down Hollywood Boulevard to get to Mann's Chinese Theatre, we saw Spiderman. I walked by and Spiderman said, "Hi Stanley." My response was, "Spiderman, you know Stanley?" Apparently, Spiderman and Stanley go way back. He offered to pose for a pic.I was trying to find a star that Stanley and his friend in Arizona might know and then Stanley found this one. He said he really liked Eddie as Donkey in Shrek and he liked him in Daddy Day Care. Oh yeah, and with Stanley is my fiance. :) You've only seen his arms thus far so now you can match arms to the body. We missed Project Runway but we got to meet Spiderman!


  1. you are too creative!!! the photos are awesome. stanley will be sad to come back to AZ, because you are more fun than i am! LOL

  2. What fun to watch flat Stanley explore Hollywood! Your gloves look great and your new niece is adorable! Enjoyed your blog.

  3. I LOVE the outfit you clothed Flat Stanley in. You could be Flat Stanley's stylist. He's so hip!!

  4. That's too funny! I know Flat Stanley, too. When he was Malcolm's friend about five years ago, we sent him to visit family in Alaska and he got to drive a Coast Guard ship and a bunch of stuff. I don't think he got to watch any knitting, though!


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