Tuesday, October 24, 2006

still here

I apologize for having been mia the last few days. All that time I was away, I was working on that blasted budget plan. Who knew it was going to take that much work to complete!! And in the end, I don't even think I put nearly as much into it as some of my classmates. I say this because one of my classmates had me look @ hers before she turned it in because she wanted to know if she did it right! I told her, I don't even know if I did it right. Well, she did so much more work than I did! Mine consisted of two columns and was 2 pages long. She had way more than I did plus she had hers in a report cover with a title page. How long has it been since the last time I was in college?? Whatever. It's done and it's out of my hair and I vowed to never have to do a budget again so I also vowed to never own my own business. I told my fiance (who did by the way help me out in the end!) that if I ever did have a business, there was no way I was going to do the money stuff. No way in hell I tell you. There was of course some knitting done to take my mind off of the budget plan. :) It was really tedious stuff though.What in the world is this you're asking yourself? That would be my curly purly pumpkin except it's still in tube formation. I've got @ least 15 more rounds to go before it'll actually start to look like a pumpkin! My fiance is going to be in charge of creating the face. He likes doing stuff like that. He was in charge of the faces for the toasty pocket creatures I made a few months ago. Remember them? Of course the yarn choice was poor with those lil monsters so this time around his work will be more visible! Aside from my soon-to-be pumpkin, I've also been working on this: Are you feelin' a bit of deja vu? Haven't you seen this before? Like say a few weeks ago maybe? You have but I frogged them. I restarted them the other night. I decided to actually stick with the pattern but I'm going to add some striping because I already know I don't have enough yarn. Maybe the whole marker issue will make sense if I actually stick to the pattern. Last night as we were coming home from class, I decided I needed to make a new pair of fetching but I'm going to do a few changes. I like the simplicity of the pattern but I want more cables and I want a different length so I'm going to play with that in my head first before I decide what I really want to do. I know that I'm going to use my leftover yarn from my IHS because I've got @ least 2 balls of that rowan cashsoft. :) Yay! I've been thinking about that besotted I started too. It's starting to be time that I get to work on it, don't you think? ;) Okay I'm off..not to knit though. I've got a chapter to read for class and then I actually have to start studying for my midterm next Monday night.


  1. Can't wait to see the completed pumpkin! We saw some adorable felted pumpkins for sale at Rhinebeck - I was tempted . . . :-)

  2. Yay, I can finally leave a comment! I always think I want to run my own business, until I think of the money stuff and tax stuff. I'd have to pay someone else to do all of that!


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