Sunday, October 29, 2006

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There's so much love on this blog thanks to a pumpkin! :) Again, thank you all for the really nice comments! They have made my day today. :) It's Sunday but it feels like Monday and it feels like it should be noon already! One good thing about being unemployed is it won't take me too long to get used to the time change. I think I actually went to bed early last night so that might've help ease the transition. I did some knitting last night (no pictures though). I worked on my cherry garcia last night while I was rereading my book for my midterm tomorrow and I worked a bit on my besotted. I told my fiance that I plan to finish it at least by Christmas! I've got about 13 inches done so far and I'm not even halfway through with one skein yet. It's a bit tedious. I had intended to not start anything new for the time being so that I could devote my knitting time to the besotted. Yet we're going to a lys to pick up some lorna's laces so I can make the cabled footies for myself in the one skein book!! I've been reading up on sock yarns. I have to say I'm not addicted to knitting socks like a lot of other people. I think it's because knitting socks is what started my pain in my right hand/wrist/fingers! I know it's the small dpns and the tight quarters I'm knitting in. I was just reading up on toe-ups thinking maybe that would be easier for me. But I shouldn't start a toe-up..but there's a toe-up kal going on!! Ugh..I better not be blogging about a new pair of socks I've started anytime soon. I was leafing through the knitpicks catalog last night while 'studying' and I'd like to order some yarn from there one day but I don't know what the quality is of their yarns. I've read a few people's opinions of the yarns but I'm going to have to try some out one day just not anytime soon though. Okay tomorrow, I just might have a pic of a finished cherry garcia. I've got one more round of cables plus 5 more rows and I'm done! :) We'll see if I actually stop there though. Oh yeah, I have to say that the patons chunky shetland yarn goes a long way. I haven't even gone through an entire skein yet. I made the pair of bearclaws for my fiance and now I'm working on the cherry garcia but there's still a lot of yarn left. Have I mentioned yet how nice and soft the yarn feels between my toes?


  1. I've used Knitpicks Essential sock yarn and really liked it, and I have some Wool of the Andes to play with soon that's soft and squishy. I like it. Be careful with colors, though, as I and several others have complained about their yarns looking totally different than the pic on the website. Great quality yarn, in general, though.

  2. Your Cherry Garcia is looking really nice. It's true Besotted can be tedious - but it's great for no-brain knitting. Maybe it's a better project to keep running along-side other, more challenging, projects? Anyway - and not to bum you out or anything - I just finished my besotted last night! I am so happy to now have a "clean slate" - no project on the needles, so I'm free to start whatever I want... Or something I have yarn for.

    Your pumpkin reminded me I have to find some "live" pumpkins too, to try out some of those fancy carvings featured in the latest Anti-Craft... Yours is really sweet and so much more enduring... But no, I'm not knitting a pumpkin this year.

    As for your wrist pain (and I'm sorry about this long-winded comment) - I get that too in my right hand, I think it just comes with the trade. The rule is the same as the computer rule: not for longer than 45-minute knitting stretches, then some wrist exercises/stretches. Various yoga exercises usually works for me - but then I also have a tendency to accept pain, I've been a migraineur since I was 13 so my threshold is pretty high.

  3. I love both Cherry and Besotted! Can't wait to see them! I've enjoyed all of the KnitPicks yarns that I've used.

  4. I like knit picks yarn. I haven't used a lot of it, but the ones I have used, I like!

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