Monday, October 16, 2006

flower power!

I'm really glad that this was the pattern selected for our mid-month kal. :) I wish I had used my cottontots though. I had purchased it specifically for a face washcloth and this pattern would've been perfect. I'll just have to make another one later down the line. :) I like how it's turning out. It took me a minute to decide which of my cotton yarns I was going to use. I'm really glad I decided to use 6's instead of 7's because for almost all the kals, I've found that 7 is a bit too big for me. I'm not a tight knitter but I'm also not a loose knitter. I like to think I knit just right (for me @ least!) so I think I'll be using 6's from now on. I will maybe finish this cloth tomorrow. We'll see. I've got a paper due next Monday that I haven't even started yet. Anyone know how to write a budget? Let me know. I might need your services!!

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  1. Thanks so very much for choosing one of my patterns! I saw your post on the kal and wanted to hop over to say thanks! I love the look with variegated yarn!
    Might I post a photo of your FO on my blog in the Knitters Gallery? I am starting a gallery to showcase knitters FOs with the patterns I've written, I would be ever so grateful!


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