Tuesday, October 10, 2006

a finished object and some ramblings

Edit: I hate blogger!!!!!!!! The links that I've put in my most recent blogs don't work so it makes me seem like an idiot but I'm not! :P I took a better pic of my mystery dishcloth after looking @ a fellow dishcloth kal'er's pic! Thanks Hakucho! Irene, I thought it was going to be candy corn too but I was hoping for something else! I started my October mystery dishcloth yesterday and I completed it this morning. I knew we were near the end with it and I knew as soon as the items needed were posted what it was going to be but now I'm not so sure.Edit: These were the pics I took this morning. It's now early evening, and here's a better pic. You can actually see the candy corn! It's gaining some coolness with me now. :)I don't like that I knitted those two rows of yellow a bit too loosely though. Oh well. Last night, I started on a pair of the nicholas's fingerless gloves for my sister. She saw the pattern (which I just printed out last night) when she got home from class last night and liked it. I think they're going to be a bit too big for her though since the pattern is meant for a woman with large hands or a man with medium sized hands. We'll see. I'm going to reduce the cuffing part and maybe add a few more decreases because I already tried on what I've got so far and it's loose. My fiance tried it on as well and it was loose on him too! EDIT: I knitted a bit more and reduced the cuffing but I ended up frogging it because the pattern and I were having issues. I wish that it would list how many stitches I should have @ the end of each round. I think I ended up with too many. I also fished out a pattern for my sister's other pair of fingerless gloves. Upon gazing @ this pattern, I thought, "This is what I should've made for myself instead of the Irish Hiking Wristwarmers." So depending on how they turn out for her, I may make a pair for myself with my leftover IHS yarn. :) EDIT: Since I frogged the first pair, I'm probably going to cast on for these very soon. I hope it's a better pattern! Oh gosh, I keep forgetting to mention that I casted on for my cherry garcia the day after my brilliant idea but my circulars are just way, way too long. The pattern called for size 11 needles @ 16 inches and I only have them at 29 inches. I tried it for a few rows and I wasn't happy. So now I have to invest in a new pair of circulars.


  1. Candy corn! What a great halloween dishcloth idea.
    Your new neice is adorable by the way, I envy your opportunity to knit tiny, girly things for her!

  2. Nice job!! You know, when I saw the colors I immediately thought candy corn, but then while I was knitting it, I wasn't so sure. I felt the same way as you, wasnt so sure I liked it. Im almost done with mine. I used brown instead of black because thats all I had, but its still cool looking. PS Cuteness alert on your niece!!

  3. Your cloth looks just like mine... once again we have twin cloths!
    Happy Knitting :)

  4. I love your dishcloth! Good job photoing it, too. Sometimes it's hard to get the pic you knitted to show in a pic! Know what I mean? LOL

  5. Found this in the Google blog search when I was looking for people who linked to my blog... I hope the wristwarmer pattern works for you! I'd love to see how they turn out. I'm going to make another pair this year myself -- or maybe a new pattern for really long ones.


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