Monday, October 30, 2006

oh blogger, why do you do the things you do?

Here I was so proud of myself because I thought I had the battle today against blogger. I had all these pics I wanted to upload to show you all and blogger would not for the life of me allow me to do it! First I was crazy and tried to upload all of them @ once. haha. Then I tried to do half at once. Then I tried two at once. I even tried uploading just one and it didn't work. SO, I thought I'd give picasa a shot. I got one picture to appear, typed a lil blog, complained there as well, but I don't think it went through. :( **ETA: It actually did go through! And guess what else?? I can add pictures now! All it took was 15 minutes! Yay! You will not be deprived after all!**So for now, this is going to be a pictureless blog. I took a couple of pics with it on. My fiance took a side view of just the cherry garcia on me but you can't really see the definition in the cables! I took another picture and I have to say, I was smart yesterday! I held my digital camera facing the mirror (the part that you usually look at while you're taking someone else's picture!) so I could get a shot @ the right angle. I think it turned out good. :) I think for my next one, I might skip the fourth round of cables and end after the third round of cables because it felt a bit too big. You're just going to have to imagine pictures where my [Insert picture here] brackets are for the time being! I took a pic of how much yarn I have leftover still from that one skein. Yesterday, I began thinking about ordering from knitpicks. I even dreamt about getting some skeins of telemark last night (so I could start on my ivy--and didn't I say I wasn't going to start anything new just yet??). I was reading up on the sock yarns they have via my sockknitters group and they all seem to like the sockyarns so I got as far as going to the site but I didn't order anything. My gut said to wait. If I get a job anytime soon that's how I will treat myself. :) Speaking of which, we went down to one of the lys around here and can I tell you I was appalled at how much one skein of lorna's laces sheperd worsted cost?? I found it online for $9.50 (and I wasn't even looking that hard for discounts) and they were selling it for $17.85!!!!!!!! My fiance couldn't believe it either. Now, I knew that it was going to cost more than the $9.50 but I didn't expect it to cost that much more!! We walked out empty-handed and my fiance said that if that's what it's like, anyone can have their own yarn shop. He said they should've been selling it wholesale. Oh well. I've only bought yarn there once. They had some really nice needles though. Just before I decided to post for today, I snapped a couple of shots of what my besotted looks like and you know what? It's starting to grow on me now. In the pics you can actually see the xoxo pattern developing. :) Yay! Some of you remember what it looked like in the beginning with all it's busy-ness. I'm actually starting to grow fond of it now. My fiance was trying to explain to me the mathematics behind the scarf the other day. I can't remember what he called it. But he basically said that there's another pattern forming because of the x's and o's. I can kinda see it.This first pic is when I actually noticed that you could see the x's and o's! :) Usually when I look at it, I'm not looking @ it sideways. I'm looking at it from the base up. Isn't that cool how just the way you look at something can alter the image that you see?Here's sort of a close-up of the x's and o's. And to think I was hoping that my fiance would let me frog this sucker!!! In some non-knitting news..we were supposed to get some new goldfish yesterday. We went to the pet shop where we got the ones we have now and they were completely out! Apparently they are waiting on a shipment of goldfish. What sucks is I had finally talked my sister into getting some for herself! The only other time she can go to the pet shop with us is Friday so we'll see. I hope they get a new shipment in soon. We swung by PetSmart last night but I hate the way they have their goldfish herded into a tank that doesn't even look nice. Plus we showed up near closing and I don't like being rushed into selecting which goldfish(es) I want to take home!


  1. Oh, darn blogger! It's taken all darn day for me to finally be able to leave a comment! Your cherry garcia is cute! I really like the besotted, too.

    p.s. Now everyone can know why I am a Lorna Laces Virgin! $$!

  2. Your besotted is very pretty. Even varigated looks good.


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