Sunday, October 15, 2006

Grocery Store Shopping Trip with Stanley and some knitting on the brain

We had to go to the grocery store today because we're obviously out of some food. So my sister and I went and we brought Stanley. Here he is in the shopping cart-though he didn't spend the whole time sitting there. I would've lost him and I would've been heartbroken!Here I am pictured with Stanley by the cool apple display. I have to tell you that if you are single and you want to meet some men, take photos in a grocery store. You'll get all kinds of attention. Heck, everywhere I've been I've been getting attention for taking pictures of Stanley. The friendly produce guy wondered why didn't we take a pic with him! I explained to him it was a project for my friend's son. Then I had him take a pic with Stanley. I'm not posting it here because I want to protect his privacy. I didn't have him sign any kind of waiver!Here's my sister with Stanley in front of the pumpkin and gourd display. The produce manager was watching us take pictures! Lastly, here is the back of Stanley because in my first blog about Stanley, I talked about how I put clothes on his back too because I didn't want him naked. Irene commented on how I should become Stanley's stylist and how hip he looks. Well, he's in Los Angeles. I would hope he'd look this hip. ;) Stanley will go be getting ready to go back to Arizona tonight. My friend can't wait to get him. I have to tell you that my mom got the other Stanley (I had my friend send out two because of all the back and forth traveling I had been doing, I didn't know where I would receive him first. Turns out he arrived here and at my parents' house on the same day!) and I jokingly told her she should decorate him. Guess what? She did. I won't get to see him until Thanksgiving though and then I'm going to mail him to my friend so her son can have 2 Flat Stanleys. :) Before I forget, can I tell you how sad I am that I totally missed the Flat Scout bandwagon?? Maybe she'll do another one. I can only hope! I'm so glad the links are working correctly again. Okay, now onto the knitting. The new pattern for my dishcloth fun kal is up and it's one I suggested! :)It is the flower power cloths designed by whimsical knitting. I tried linking to the pattern directly but it didn't work.I looked through my box of dishcloth yarn and I mostly only have variegated yarn. I wonder if it'll look strange if I tried that. I joined the monthly dishcloth kal yesterday too and their new pattern will be up tomorrow. I want to start on my pumpkin too. Talk about knitting on the brain! I almost forgot! Good thing there's an edit button here. :) I was thinking about my sister's second pair of wristwarmers while I was exercising this morning and I think I'm going to use some of the lion's brand worsted wool with the tlc cotton stuff I have because I know the cotton won't be enough for 2 wristwarmers. I'm going to re-try the Nicholas's fingerless gloves pattern. Maybe this time the pattern will make more sense to me-especially since I won't be trying to change it in any way. Okay, now I think I'm done!

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  1. Ha ha! Guys probably always talk to you and your sis at the store, cuz you're both so cute.


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