Monday, October 9, 2006

I'm back and I've got pictures!!

Before I start talking about my new niece, here's my finished pair of fetching for my fiance. :) Next I will make a pair for my sister. I'm going to be using different yarn though not the required yarn so we'll see how it holds up. She picked out some worsted lion brand in a dark green and some tlc cotton plus (I think!) in a pink. So I'll make her a pair of some kind of fingerless glove in each color and then maybe I'll try some striping too! Oh, and I picked up some yarn for the October mystery dishcloth we've had going on. I wasn't going to but I want to know what it's going to be. I'll probably start on that today. I worked a teeny bit on the besotted but other than that I didn't do much actual knitting! We went home to see our new niece who was still in the hospital! :( She had to go back in for jaundice and was under the lamps for a very long time. She was one hot lil mama, lemme tell you. I was practically sweating every time I held her! Here I am holding her Saturday evening. We went to see her twice that day but didn't have our cameras until the second visit. Here I am wearing my finished IHS holding and feeding Isabella. :) This one was taken yesterday. Now you all can know what I look like! And here she is sleeping. I had a heck of a time uploading these pics. I had intended to post more but I was getting too impatient. There's a great one of her laughing that I couldn't put up. Oh well. Since she was in the hospital, I couldn't take any pics of her wearing any of the things I had knitted for her. She didn't start to wear clothes until yesterday. Maybe when we go see her for Thanksgiving I can post some. :) Thanks for all the comments regarding my niece and my striped pair of fetching.


  1. Precious niece; loving Auntie! Glad to find a blogger right here in So CA so excited by advent of baby relatives. OH, and the view of fiance's wrists, I mean, the fetching is, um, fetching...but, hubba hubba!...Sigh.


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