Saturday, October 14, 2006

more adventures with Stanley and a FO!

Well, a few days ago, I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at both knitting with a chart and using intarsia. I've had saved this Halloween patterns on my hard drive and I wanted to try them out. I thought maybe we'd do something cool for the dishcloth kal but we didn't do any of the patterns I thought we would. We did that candy corn illusion thing which was okay but I wanted to do something with a black cat! I posted a question on KR and I was blessed to get a response from Llinn about how to read a chart, tricks to intarsia, etc. Late Thursday night, I just had to get started. It was a slow process but things were making sense. There was a lot of counting involved and I kept checking my chart to make sure I wasn't making any mistakes. Intarsia is not something that can be done while in a car or while multi-tasking, @ least I know I can't multi-task while doing intarsia. It's also a pain in the butt. Weaving in ends isn't something I enjoy doing particularly when it's a ton of ends and it feels like that's all that is being done. I'm kind of a neat knitter so I just had to start weaving in some ends today. I spent @ least 2 hours weaving in ends when I could've been knitting!!I left the cat at home and I finished these yesterday while we were going around town on errands with Stanley. My sister tried them on and liked them. I had a lot of yarn leftover. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Now if I could only figure out that other pattern...This is what was on the van right when the rain started before we left to go on our errands. Isn't it cool? I tried to get a pic of this insect with Stanley, but I was too slow. He was bummed but at least he got to see it, whatever it was!
Here's Stanley, cold but @ least dry, on his first wet night in LA, which happened to be our first rain of the season. Sure did take long enough to get here.
Here he is surrounded by my book for my class and a letter that I had planned on answering tonight but it might just have to wait until tomorrow.After weaving in some ends, I tried my hand at some more knitting. Of course I weaved in even more ends after I stopped knitting. Here's Stanley with what I've done so far in my first intarsia project! :) He's so proud of me. :)

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