Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Day

I have decided that the prettiest days ever are the ones that come after a rain. It was true in SoCal (where the air quality is awful but the sky sure is a beauty after some rain) and it's true here (with cleaner air to boot!) Isn't the air that much fresher after it rains? I love it.
Most days I have to spend indoors with my students. It sucks--particularly on gorgeous days which we've had a few of. It doesn't help that our school is located on and around commercial property either--no natural landscapes to explore (other than the fields). Opportunities for getting dirty or exploring are pretty minimal and that's not what childhood should be about. But I digress. It's a beautiful day out there. I'm going outside!



  1. Could you send some of that pretty sky my way? We had rainy skies on the Florida panhandle today, but it was breezy and cool - only 84 for a high!

  2. I was a teacher, too, and loved that we had a lot of green grass all around the school. For some reason, we always had better discussions when outside. (I have a degree in math, but I taught English too my last three years of teaching.) Sorry your outdoors is so unfriendly!
    Go Team Tina!

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  3. You definitely have to get outside on the beautiful days :)


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