Monday, April 23, 2012

T is for Taurus!

I am a Taurus.  A double Taurus in fact (which apparently makes me more stubborn than most).  I am a Taurus through and through.  As a teenager, I was very into horoscopes (and so was my best friend, a Leo).  It wasn't until later in life I learned I was a double Taurus.  I love that my birthstone is an emerald and green is one of my favorite colors.  Everyone (even strangers) says I am so patient (which I actually dislike hearing!)  The throat is supposed to be a weak spot for us and guess what? Sore throats are the worst for me. I've even had laryngitis a few times (not fun at all!!).  I don't think I could have been born any other sign. :)



  1. I'm Capricorn... often locking horns with Taurus... it's a toss up who wins. :)
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  2. How is it possible to be a "double" Taurus? I can't wrap my head around that part :)


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