Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Ice Cream

I love, love, love ice cream.  Growing up, I remember always begging to get a scoop of mint n' chip whenever we would go to the Rite-Aid. Then I discovered bubble gum. It is still a favorite of mine but it isn't the same like when I was a kid.  Nowadays it is pink (instead of the classic blue!) and it isn't gumballs. It's more like chicklets. I went to the Philippines for the first time as a 5 and a half year old and do you know what I would always get? A drumstick (still a favorite of mine!).  The ice cream man didn't ever come around my neighborhood but when I moved back home for a time or visited, I noticed that now there was an ice cream man coming around.  There was even a paleta man!  Nowadays, some of them have their carts attached to bikes and have an awning and everything.
In any case, much of the ice cream I ate while growing up was stuff bought at the grocery store. Lots of store brand ice cream and some dreyer's ice cream.  I remember at one point, the dreyer's mint n' chip ice cream had chocolate chips that were in the shape of seeds. This one time, I remember saving them all up in this little blue chest. I'm guessing I ate them all eventually but I can't remember.  I didn't ever like sundaes or banana splits. I was a purist. Just give me ice cream on a cone-preferably a green cone. I didn't particularly like the sugar cones when I was a kid (who knows what was wrong with me!).
Nowadays, I've gotten pickier about my ice cream. Ohh, we have had mochi coming out of our ears but my favorite brand of ice cream? Hands down is Breyers. In the freezer right now, there's got to be at least three different cartons of Breyers ice cream. Have you had the peach?? It's to die for (and I typically don't even like canned peaches or fruit cups!). I also love strawberry (there are REAL strawberry chunks in there!). Breyers is tops with me because the ingredients are so basic.  I think what did it was watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in LA.



  1. You've made me crave icecream now! Have you tried Blue Bell? It's a wonderful brand too.

    I found you on the A to Z list, it's nice to meet you.

  2. Here from A-Z and we have both reading and knitting in common. I rate my books so others can get a feeling of what I like and if of similar interest.
    Icecream used to like. Alas no more.

  3. I love ice cream too :) My favorite is Brigham's Irish Coffee. You can only get it the month of March! I'm so addicted ;) (Good thing it's only a once a year treat or I'd be soooo FAT)

  4. My diet is telling me to not read this post. Lol.


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