Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Stubborn

This characteristic of mine is one that I own and I own it well.  It actually comes in handy as a teacher.  I'm not a pushover.  Crocodile tears don't even work or puppy dog eyes. Sorry, Charlie.  I have always had to have things go my way particularly while growing up.  I remember when we had to go to Sizzler   and I was adamant about not going in there. I refused to eat there. When everyone else got out of the car to go into the restaurant. I stayed in the car and just waited.  I don't remember why I refused to eat there.  It eventually went out of business (the one here in town).  The hubs and I actually walked by it while we were doing laundry. Our laundromat is right next door to the former Sizzler.  As we walked by I told him that it was the "infamous" Sizzler. He said he thought that it used to be a Sizzler.  I guess the exterior still screams out Sizzler.
Being so stubborn, I am insistent that I can give each of my student's a backbone so nobody is capable of walking all over them.  I don't want to send up wimpy 1st graders!  For some it is harder to discover their inner strength and some just don't have it. It's sad.   



  1. If you can influence just one student to strengthen, you can claim success. Blog on!

  2. Those little guys had 5 years with their parents. Those 5 years are SOOOO IMPORTANT. In many ways those little guys are exactly who their parents want them to be. If back bone wasn't one of those things, they don't have it.


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