Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Library

I can't even remember the first time I ever went to the library.  I think my sister had already been born so maybe I was in the 4th or 5th grade.  I spent my summers devouring books and joining the summer book clubs at what was my local library (which is currently undergoing renovations). I was there the last day before the demolition began and I even got to dig up some dirt!  Back in the day, it was just called Santa Lucia Library. It wasn't until years later (try early 90s where everyone was renaming things after Cesar Chavez!) that it got a name change.
When I moved away, I can't say that I used the particular libraries in whatever place I was living in at the time as much as I used the one pictured above.  Oh but I did go to the Daly City library.
I was a preschool teacher by then and found a wealth of books to bring back to my classroom.  I did frequent the college libraries when I was an undergrad-mostly the Berkeley ones (since it had all the journals I needed for certain projects!).  I became familiar with the main branch in downtown Berkeley too. 
In LA, there were two branches that my sister, and the hubs used to frequent. The Palms branch which was close to our apartment 
and the Venice branch
which at the time had just been remodeled so it was our favorite of the two! Boy had libraries gotten fancy in the years we weren't using them. When we got back into using them, we learned that you could check out dvds! The LA branches had a great selection too. For a second there, we started rethinking our netflix memberships!
Now the hubs and I are back in my hometown, and this is our local library:
See that statue? It's Steinbeck himself. Do you know what he used to say (or so I was once told)? He didn't ever want to have a statue in front of the library cos then all the birds would crap on him. Haha. My first job ever, was at the above library. I was a library page.  My sister was a library page too! 
Now that I am a Kindergarten teacher, I have been using this library like one who goes through tissue toilet paper.  In fact, I think I even checked out 50 books once (the limit for teachers) recently and I was proud of myself. :) While we were away loving our LA libraries, the libraries here almost disappeared.  It's a miracle that all three are still open (one undergoing a HUGE renovation!) and can I tell you everytime I go (which is practically every other day) it is always full. I love that it's open on Sundays too.  Love your library!!



  1. Stopping by from the Challenge. I love libraries.

    Are you really left-handed? If so, stop by my blog: L is for Left-Handed.

  2. I love my library for the Children's programs. They have story times for 0-2, 2s and 3s and preschool. Then the homeschool groups and a lego robot club and the children's library is on it's own floor so you don't have to tell your preschooler to sush every 3 seconds. We go once a week.

  3. Hooray for libraries! Our local one is having a huge renovation to expand the children's section. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet blog is

  4. libraries need love! like your enthisiasm!

  5. I love the library. I love that I can now borrow books from the library on my e-reader.

  6. I love our library. I go all the time and Clark lovs it too.

  7. Indeed I do love your library system. The facilities are beautiful and well stocked and they have great on line access as well. I just wished I lived within walking distance to a library. You would never get me out of it.


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