Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quarters

Being an apartment dweller, quarters are a necessity for doing laundry.  It will be a difficult transition once we buy a house and purchase our own washer and dryer. I've grown accustomed to being able to do multiple loads at a time!  Aside from using quarters for laundry, I have been collecting the state quarters since they first came out.  I am missing Alabama (not sure which one else).  For sure I am missing a few of the US territories that were released in 2009.  Then I learned in 2010, a whole new series was being released!
In Kindergarten, the children are introduced to all the various coins from 1 cent up to 25 cents.  Vending machines have made it possible for a majority of my students to know what a quarter is. It cracks me up. They're fuzzy on the penny, dime, and the nickel but show them a quarter? Ha. They know what it is and how much it is worth.


  1. The Alabama one you are missing - what year is it from? I have a handful of US quarters - I can check to see if one of those happen to be that one.


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