Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Neglectful

That's me. I have noticed in the last few months that I have been quite neglectful of many things-particularly keeping up with blogs, responding to emails, keeping up with reading magazines, and even keeping up with friends.  I blame it on tutoring after school three days a week.  I have less time to unwind after a long day at school.  Also I guess I have begun to take a more focused approach to life. Rather than multi-task until I can't multi-task anymore, I do less at a time.  I do still fall victim to starting one project and then another but I do eventually finish them.  I thought I'd be able to catch up during my spring vacation. That didn't happen. I caught up on my magazines and I caught up on some blog posts but I'm behind again.  Things are going to pick back up again too with the end of the year fast approaching. Maybe I just need to make peace with being behind on stuff. I don't know.


  1. We all have only 24 hours a day. If we over commit then we are the ones who suffer.

    Do less! It is OK.

  2. My plans to catch up on everything seldom work out either. I kind of like the idea of making peace with being behind on stuff.

  3. Will you be working this summer? Or will you have time to catch up on stuff once summer break begins?


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