Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Karaoke

I had to dig deep for that one. I couldn't do Kindergarten or Knitting (my two favorite K's) since I already cornered the A to Z market on those two last year. Sigh. What a dummy.
I have not ever done karaoke.  I have gone with friends and watched as they sang up on stage in front of others but I have yet to partake in the singing! If I remember correctly, I even went to Japan at a time when karaoke was just getting big and I still did not try it out. It's just not me.  I have only ever been three times total.  The most recent time was when I went down to SoCal for some professional development with a few teachers from my school. Would you believe I was tempted to actually give it a go (with two of my coworkers)?? But the wait was too long. We even entertained the idea of going back to the hotel and when everyone else was asleep we would just drive back there. haha. We left the karaoke place at midnight!
The second time I ever went to karaoke was on a blind date that an ex-coworker set me up on. Thank goodness two of my friends (guys) ended up tagging along.  That probably wasn't the smartest of ideas but I at least had a good time.  Oh and the friend who set me up on this boring date also went along and she loves karaoke. In fact, it might've been her idea! He didn't sing either. He just liked to watch other people sing.  I can't remember what we did afterwards.  I do remember having conversations with my two guy friends that came along and how they knew the guy was completely not my type.



  1. You should totally try singing next time. I am a junkie. I try to go once a week, normally by myself. But I know everyone at the bar. Granted, I have 6 years of voice lessons and a history of public singing in choirs and such. Singing is good for you. It releases feel good chemicals in the brain.

  2. I have done Kareoke before but I gave no tune. I can't sing for my life.


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