Sunday, April 8, 2012

G is for Grrrr and Goop

I had every intention of typing up my G post yesterday (when I was supposed to) but the strangest thing happened.  My eyes both started burning and itching SO badly that I just could not keep them open any longer and I had to turn my computer off and just lay (miserably) in bed. Miserably because I'm SO behind on checking out all the other A to Z participants' blogs!
The hubs had me wear part of my sleeping mask so that I could keep the one eye that was really bothering me closed.  When I opened it, it was like there was sticky gooey goopy stuff on the inside of my eyeball making it feel weird to even blink. It was gross (ha).
I've decided it must be the mascara I used when we went to Seder. It was the same mascara I used a few weeks back and after that time, I got pink eye! So it is now in the trash. Oh well. I really liked that mascara too.
Fortunately, I still had the antibiotic drops that my friend so graciously let me use for the time being. So last night I gave myself a couple of drops and earlier today I gave myself one more drop. That oughta do it. (I hope!)



  1. I hope you feel better. Maybe not a great idea to share eye drops. I dunno. It's kind of like sharing tissues. It helps if you lay down and put a warm, wet and very soft wash cloth on your eyelids for about 10 minutes - it helps uncrust it and get the goop out.

  2. Throw out that mascara!!! You dont want to get pink eye again!


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