Wednesday, April 13, 2011

K is for Knitting (too!)

I have to admit that with some letters, I can easily come up with a topic and I can just schedule the post to magically appear. After I typed up my entry for Kindergarten, I took a shower and realized there is another very important K that is a bit dearer to my heart (it's true!) and that is knitting.
I first began to knit the summer of 2004. I had already been in LA for about a year. It took me three tries to figure out how to knit. The first person to try to teach me (if I remember correctly!) was my ex-roommate's younger sister. Then I remember going away for a professional development excursion (a week long training, most expenses paid to San Luis Obispo) and one of the other teachers from my school tried to teach me too. If anything, I got more confused when my coworker (who eventually became one of my best friends at the time) tried to show me. lol. Upon my return, a new friend that I had met through MySpace knew how to knit and offered to teach me. We met up, and it finally clicked for me!! The difference was that my final teacher took into consideration that I was a lefty and had me mirror what she did. It worked! I have been knitting ever since.
Here's my first scarf ever.
It was made out of Lion Brand Boucle. It was before I developed an air of snobbiness or at least before my fingers met the likes of malabrigo. I mostly made scarves that first year of knitting. Then I moved onto baby stuff and hats. After hats, I got real brave and made my first pair of socks.
They're hideous (blame the yarn) but they were my first pair! It took me a couple more attempts to finally get it 'right.' After socks, I went onto dishcloths and fingerless mitts. Nowadays it's lace and cowls.

Knitting keeps me grounded. I haven't knit a stitch since early last week and it's starting to show. I'm crankier than usual and my temper is short. Must. Knit! I knit only for a small handful of people. No one gets how special it is to receive a hand knit item (aside from a fellow knitter/crocheter). The hubs appreciates all the knitted items he now has in his possession and my sister has warmed up to the idea of having a sister who knits.


  1. Beautiful projects and I love the socks. I have a draw full of them. Nothing like knitted socks. They are the best.

  2. I just love seeing the things that you make, they are lovely. that cowl is fantastic! I love cowls, how warm and cozy!

  3. You've made great progress in a short time. Nice yarn, does help.

  4. Cross-stitchers know how special knitted/crocheted items are too! ;)Thanks for sharing your early works. They look great!

  5. You're an amazing knitter! I'm re-doing my calorimetry. I'm over the I can't stop! PS, my knitting machine is an Ultimate Sweater Machine I found at a garage sale for $15. I've done a few things on it. It's not magical - it really only does stockinette well, but I am still learning and will make plain vanilla sweaters on it. I mostly like doing hybrid projects - do the stockinette on machine and the rest by hand.

  6. HAVE to Knit don't we? Doubt anyone else would understand except for us - knitters :)

  7. You've come along way in your knitting journey. I started to knit after you, in late 2005. (And been addicted since!) Though, I learned how as a kid, around the age of 7/8 or so, from our "nanny/housekeeper". My grandmother also tried to teach me as a kid. But I wasn't so much into it, until 2005. (I also briefly picked it up in mid-2004 when a friend I was in photography school with got me yarn and some knitting needles for my birthday that June), but didn't really get into it until 2005. If it weren't for knitting, I don't think we'd have ever met!


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