Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baking, Yarn, and School

It has been difficult to not get to do a real blog post with an actual account of what has been going on with me for the last week! This blogging A to Z is definitely a challenge. I've attempted to include some of what's going on with me in some of the A to Z posts but it is a tad bit difficult.
*I've been so distracted that this post didn't even get published when I had intended to post it (Sunday). 
Last week, there was baking. I tried out a recipe for cookie cupcakes.
It was super simple but I made a mistake! Instead of using the filling as a filling, I used it as a topping. lol. Dummy. Oh well. They were still yummy. Next time I'll use the filling correctly!
Some yarn arrived this week too. Both bear the same name, Katherine Hepburn.
 This one in sock weight.
And this one in bulky weight.
Such a lovely colorway. The sock weight will most likely end up turning into a shawl. Though I'm not sure about the bulky weight one. 
This week, the 2nd through 8th graders at my school are going to begin our state's standardized tests. Somehow, myself, two other classroom teachers, and three teaching assistants are going to have to occupy 72 (+/-) K-1st graders for about 2 hours. Our school is such that you hear pretty much everything. I am hoping for zero rain.
Today was day one of having to manage 72 K-1st graders. It was chaos..especially since two of the teaching assistants didn't get a break until 11 (and those two teaching assistants are needed during that 11 o'clock hour). Sigh..I have to figure out how to make it work. How'd I get to be so lucky? Who frickin' know.


  1. Pooh, love the yarn. Guess what I am doing the letter Y.

  2. Thanks for the recipe...they look interesting...will have to try them sometime :)

  3. Sounds like challenging times at work. Hope things get better!

    LOVE the stash enhancement. Great color! One of my faves! What are you going to use these for? Anything in mind yet? Did you just get 1 skein of each?


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