Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Challenge

I am late to the A to Z Challenge but I haven't missed too many days (plus I just made up for the two I missed!). The lovely, Tanyia, has been doing this challenge and it wasn't until today that I was able to click on her link to check it out. There are over a thousand participants! I thought I'd give it a shot, why not? And if I falter, that's what post options are for, right?
Life in the last year or so has definitely been a challenge. If you have been following this blog for a while (or you know me), you are aware of all the things I have had to deal with over the last year. Things were finally looking up but we've hit yet another snag in the road. Wouldn't be life without a few snags, right? I can only hope that this snag will work itself out like all the ones before it have.


  1. oh hun I am sorry to hear this, I hope that whatever it is does work itself out. Big hugs!

  2. Things just HAVE to get better...think positively :)

  3. Life has been a challenge for me too. Starting to blog has been a big help. It has helped me focus on all the good things in my life.

  4. Good luck on all your fabulous knitting projects and posts! I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  5. Glad to hear things are looking up. What's the latest snag? :(

    You're a strong woman, you'll pull through, I just know it!


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