Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Eye

The hubs had eye surgery early Monday morning. They didn't give him anything for the pain and he says he could feel everything. To me the craziest thing that I nearly saw was the surgeon giving him a shot to numb his eye. I kept moving to see where exactly the surgeon was heading with that needle but I couldn't see where it ended up. I had to ask the hubs and he said that sucker went directly into his eye. OUCH!
Yesterday he went in for his post-op appt. He still can't really see out of that eye.  He has another appt. with another eye doctor at the practice next week. This doctor is going to see if this first surgery will allow for him to really see what is going on and when to schedule to next possible surgery. Maybe then the hubs' eyesight will really improve.


  1. I could handle a lot of things, but a needle going into someone's eye would make me spew.

  2. ummm.... omg I am so freaked out right now wth! ugh!

  3. Glad to have found a fellow knitter on the challenge. Just so happens I am left handed too. :-)

    Anyway I look forward to you posts.

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    Retired knitter

  4. That description totally just gave me the chills! Yeesh!

  5. Is this diabetic related or just corrective? My hubby 17 yrs ago had to have the lazer surgery because of bleeding in the eye (diabetic related). After seeing an endocrinologist and getting him regulated, no problems, thank God. Your hubby is always in my prayers...:)

  6. No pain meds and a needle right to the eye...I think I would have passed out!! Hope the surgery was successful :)

  7. Yikes! I have heard of injections in the eyes though- my grandma has to get them every 3 mos. I think? How are his eyes doing since?

  8. What kind of surgery did he have? Lasik? I keep thinking about doing LASIK now that I'm done having kids (your eye sight changes a bit when you're pregnant then takes about 4-6 months to change back 100% after. So I wouldn't be able to do anything until this summer (after Q's 6 months old). But highly considering getting it done.

    Hope he's better now. Do you have any news with any further eye surgery?


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