Tuesday, April 5, 2011

D is for Daytime Television

It could also be for Ditch Day (not that I'm ditching work today without a legitimate reason!) Today was day two of being off work due to the hub's eye surgery (which will be my topic for tomorrow!).
There isn't much on daytime tv anymore. So many talk shows from Nate Berkus to Dr. Oz to Rachael Ray and then when the noon hour hits (depending on which channel you're watching), the soaps begin. Now growing up, I used to watch Days of Our Lives (another D!). I 'outgrew' Days around the time when Marlena was possessed. Then I somehow got into General Hospital. I stopped watching GH for years but somehow got back into it while I was living in LA.  The evolution of SoapNet or DVR hasn't helped this need to keep up with what's going on in daytime tv!
Something that I find funny about daytime tv is even if I'm no longer a regular viewer,  just seeing a commercial is enough to give me an idea of what's going on particularly with Days of Our Lives.  GH is a different story and I have only recently begun to wonder why that is. I also start to wonder why do these writers allow story lines to drag on for SO long? I used to think that maybe I could pursue a career as a screenwriter because the story lines for daytime tv or even primetime tv weren't too complicated!
In any case, daytime tv is just a way to pass the time. If you're at home with a little one, are sick, or just decided to take the day off, it serves as an outlet for adult interaction. It's filler until a real life grown up gets home.


  1. Love your comment about daytime t.v. being a filler until a real life adult comes home!

  2. When I was home with Ryan for 4 days after his surgery I was not that thrilled with day time tv. I was able to find a few things while Ryan was sleeping. Usually the Food Network or HGTV. Not much on Prime Time tv in the evenings, either!

  3. I love watching People's Court and Judge Judy when I am at home during the day.

  4. I'm an Oprah fan, and I'll be sad once the show ends and there aren't new episodes anymore, it's ending this May. (SOON!) But maybe once it's over, I'll be able to finally catch up on other stuff. And now I'm addicted to the shows on OWN. (Oprah's network!)

    Once upon a time I used to watch GH. Though... not in many years... maybe back at the beginning of college... so like 1998 ish. Watched for a year or two, but not since... it still any good?


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