Sunday, April 17, 2011

N is for..Not Enough Hours in a Day

Wouldn't you agree? There are so many things I wish I could get done during the course of a day but work seems to get in the way. lol. Thankfully, my spring break is approaching quickly. Two glorious weeks of not having to wake up and go to work! I can't wait for summer. :)
My inbox is backed up. I'm starting to develop a pile of letters. I'm getting burnt out on cooking. I have bookshelves I want to move and some redecorating to do since the sil and the kid are finally and completely OUT. I have tidying to do because now there's space for all of my teaching stuff to be hid in closets instead of out on our porch. We just might be able to use our porch as an actual porch. Too bad we face the north (no sun!). I don't even have enough time (really energy) to sit and knit or read. Thank goodness for Spring Break.


  1. You are so right...there is never ever enough time!! My son only gets one week for spring break and that's just about over. Not long before summer vacation....

  2. You're so lucky you get TWO weeks off for spring break.

    I agree, there are NOT enough hours in the day. Not even close. And I want like 10 arms. LOL. 2 to knit, 2 to crochet, and 6 (2 for each kid). But then I'd need more for the chores, some for the cooking, cleaning, etc... list goes on. And I want to time to read, take pictures...

    My quiet time is late at night... but now I have to get up early for the kids, so it's a lose-lose situation and I keep losing out on time :( Hope you find some!


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