Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for Zucchini

I wanted a pic of zucchini and a zucchini blossom and here's where I found this pic. In recent years, I have become a big fan of zucchini. I don't know what happened. Just all of a sudden, I became big on zucchini. It helped that at my first year at the private school, the hubs and I (who weren't hubs and wife yet) were asked to house sit for one of the families in my class. They had a gorgeous house with an amazing garden and backyard. Not only was there fresh zucchini to be picked but blueberries and strawberries to be eaten too! That was also the year I decided to try my hand at apartment gardening. I planted tomatoes, basil, and bell peppers. How I miss having a garden!
The hubs and I still look at houses-not very actively but I still get a daily email of updates. One of the major selling points for me (aside from a garage to stash all my teaching stuff!) is a backyard with enough space for a garden. One day. :)


  1. Oh zucchini are yummy, and I saw on Food Network that you can eat the flowers ... someone did a tempura batter and fried them, they said they are so good! Happy Saturday hun! Love ya!

  2. I so hope you'll have the perfect house and garden some day...soon :)

  3. My fave item in my garden is zucchini. I love it grilled on the BBQ or baked into bread.

    One day you will have your garden. :)


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