Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Michael J. Fox

My second celebrity crush growing up was on Michael J. Fox. It was so much more intense than my first celebrity crush (Luke Skywalker circa Return of the Jedi) that I even went so far as to write a fan letter. I remember receiving an autographed photo of him (which I'm sure I no longer have). I tried looking for it on google but can't seem to find it (or I just can't remember what it looks like). This one comes sort of close. Though I remember him being in more denim?
I just admitted to the hubs the crush I once had on Michael J. Fox. I told him it lasted up through Bright Lights, Big City and after that, I was over him. I couldn't tell you who I had moved on to--possible Corey Haim by then? I get to relive those youthful days by watching reruns on The Hub. For the most part, the programming on the Hub is for children but in the evenings, it's all reruns from my childhood-from Happy Days to Doogie Howser, M.D. lol.  TV from my childhood is probably one of the few happy memories I have from that time.


  1. I am his fan too but mostly for the work he is doing now.

  2. lol I had a crush on Ricky Schroder! yummy! lol

  3. I had a crush on Zack from Saved by the Bell! Ha ha! Doogie Howser was a close 2nd too - I'm with Sapphire blue! I love him now on How I Met Your Mother as Barney. LOL

    Now my crush is Robert Downey Jr.


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