Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Home Improvement

For those of you that have been reading my blog for at least the last few weeks, you are aware of the fact that my SIL and her kid are moving out. Well, they have physically been moved out since around the first but their shit still lives here. She still has a key and she obviously has yet to notify the management office that she has moved out. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of their crap still being here. Today I decided to start moving stuff into their mostly empty (but STILL dirty) room.
In the process, there is now crap everywhere (and it isn't just hers!).
 This is the new knitting room.
This stuff used to be in our bedroom closet but now that I have a second closet, some of this is coming out!
This is the room they once inhabited. It's only part of it, the hubs is on the other side on his computer!
Before I started moving everything here and there, I actually vacuumed the room they once lived in (for nearly two hours). Can we say disgusting? I of all people know how messy and dirty children are from my years of teaching. Is it just me or aren't you supposed to clean up spilled messes as soon as they happen? The floor is totally gross. Stains of spilled Hawaiian punch, hot sauce, cheerios, candle wax, glitter glue, mascara, etc are on the carpet and they aren't easy to take out (even for an anal cleaner like myself!). I intend on charging her a cleaning fee since she couldn't take the time out of her awesome life (that's sarcasm!) to finish moving out of the last place she lived. Am I disappointed? Yes. Do I feel as though this person has no respect? Hell yeah! And that poor kid is picking up on everything her mother does.
Our home improvement doesn't only involve furniture. It's the overall environment that is changing in more ways than one. I can breathe a little bit easier these days too. Thankfully, it is all for the better. 


  1. You'll feel so much better once they're all moved out...I think I would be tempted to get some boxes and fill them. Maybe then she'd come and get the boxes (especially if you threatened to put the boxes outside)....just a thought ;)

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and reading so much of it. Your comments really made my day! I'm off to explore yours. BTW I'm a teacher too!

  3. Here at work we use the term "toilet seater" when someone uses a station and doesn't leave it the way they found it, like leaving the seat up. It think it applies here.

  4. Glad to hear that things are feeling better around the house with them gone, and hopefully they'll get the rest of their crap out soon!

    Love the knitting room! I wish I had a knitting room. I have a yarn room but it's just storage, no room to knit, etc in there.

    That sucks that they left such a huge mess though. I'd be disappointed too.

    I love your circular needle holder thing on the wall - what is that? Where's it from? What a great idea!


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