Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for...Georgetown Cupcakes!

I've thought and thought all day for something for G and it finally came to me, while watching 'DC Cupcakes!' Though I have yet to visit Georgetown Cupcakes, I'm addicted to the show. I love Katherine and Sophie. I love that they are sisters and decided to open up a cupcake shop together. I also love the amazing cupcake projects that they do! In Season 1, I was in awe of the cupcake project they did for the Greek Festival. It made me wonder if every cupcake shop took on projects like this or just them. I'm still wondering about that! I don't love all the mishaps that occur because of Mommy! I do love that they now have a helper this season for all the projects and that they invested in a company van!

Okay, in some non A-Z news, Free Ice Cream at Ben and Jerry's! Click the link to find out when. Also,
bring in a travel cup on Earth Day (April 22) and receive a free coffee or tea at your local Starbucks!


  1. Nice use of the letter G. I've never seen that show but it sounds fun. Cupcakes are great and I enjoy food related TV.

  2. I have sampled - just this past weekend, in fact. Their cupcakes are yummy.

  3. I wish I knew earlier about the Starbucks coffee with a re-usable cup! Darn!

    Cupcakes... diet.... grrr!


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