Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Ojo

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling so great. I woke up and then I had the runs. I went at least 4 or 5 times before the hubs went off to work. Before he went off to work though, he had cuddled with me in bed and was just looking at me and he was crying! I asked him why but he didn't answer.
Flash forward to the rest of my day, I felt horrible. The runs finally subsided and I thought I was okay but I knew what I was in for next. The chills came! I was eating crackers and having Sun Drop (the closest thing here to 7-Up!). But I wasn't eating much. I tried to go into the living room for a little bit but didn't last for very long out there (I was too cold!). I went back to bed, but just laid on top of the bed and waited for the hubs to get home. Once home, I was completely burning up (101 degree fever) and he decided he had given me ojo which might've occurred while his tears were falling on me.
The video is all in Spanish but basically they're talking about the superstitition, what the belief is, and they show how to rid the person of it. The hubs pretty much rubbed an egg over most of me-though  not on my bare skin. I started to feel better but here's the weird thing I noticed. He only rubbed the egg on my upper torso (that's where he focused) and he only rubbed it a bit on my legs. SO, the upper part of me felt okay but everything was in my legs. The belief is the egg absorbs all the evil spirits and once done rubbing the egg all over the infected person, you crack it into a cup with water and place it underneath where the infected person sleeps (preferably right below their head) and wait to check it the next day.
The top picture isn't my particular egg (I can't ever get a good pic of them when he does it-this is the second time), but it's exactly how my egg looked this morning. 


  1. You are taking me back to my childhood. My grandma did "the egg thingie", as we kids used to call it, whenever we were ill. Good memories. Did it work? Who knows, but at least she cared enough to do it.

  2. I have never heard of this belief. It is very interesting, and as long as it helps its good in my book! Hugs hunnie, hope you are better soon!

  3. I have never heard of this before, but I just did a little bit of research. Is that picture of the egg good or bad?

  4. I've never ever heard of that egg thing before!

    Hope you're feeling better now.


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