Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's crafty diversion!

I realized today (after coming back from CVS to pick up a prescription we thought the eye doctor's office had already called in) that I forgot to purchase a birthday card that is supposed to go out tomorrow. Since I forgot to get one, I had to make one. :)
And then I realized that there's another birthday coming up so why not kill two birds with one stone?
All my card making stuff is in the closet of my knitting room/music/meditation room. The hubs was hanging out on his laptop and then he left. He came back when he heard 80's music coming out of the room. He took a picture of my pea soup which was still on the floor blocking-even though it was already dry for a few days now!
Then I realized he could take a pic of me modeling it (instead of me waiting for my sister to come model for me!).
He wanted to do a side view. I requested a classic full view of the back. It's by far the best picture taken ever.
He believes this is my best shawl to date though I disagree.
Here is progress on that beauty that was unfolding a few days ago. I am nearly halfway finished with it. You can't see much of the detail (shame on you red for being difficult to photograph!) but it is quite intricate! Maybe when it's blocked you *might* get to see it's true beauty. It's really an amazing pattern.


  1. Great cards! And your shawls are beautiful!

  2. They're both beautiful! I really love the green one, I liked it on Etsy, I think I might just buy it this weekend! lol

  3. I like the stamping and that little flower detail in the corner. The shawls are just lovely!

  4. Homemade cards are SO much better than the store bought ones :)

  5. thanks meri! did you end up purchasing your own pattern for the green shawl?

  6. Love pea soup modeled! Hubs takes good photos! Love your craft room by the way, very well organized.

    Nice handmade card! I have a few things I need cards for this summer, maybe I should get the kids to make some cards!


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