Monday, October 18, 2010


 I may not be a parent, but I've been working with children long enough to know what works and what doesn't work along with what shouldn't be done. Like, you don't FORCE  a kid to write her name and then tell her that if she doesn't do it, she's gonna have to write it TEN more times (the kid is FOUR). And just because a kid can't remember what flavor ice cream she had at about 12 pm in the afternoon, doesn't mean you give her the third degree and call her LAZY. She isn't lazy. And if you keep telling her she is, she WILL be. Kids need choices. They don't need to be threatened and made to cry. They are TIRED at 8 o'clock at night especially when they have been sick. EVERYONE should be made to take parenting classes-even people who aren't parents that deal with children.

On another note, I have been perusing through many versions of daybreak (and I managed to reconnect with an old friend from grad school by faving her shawl!). I think I know which yarn I am going to use. The first pic is one of the colors I'm thinking of using for my daybreak.
The other color that I am now about to wind is definitely going to be the second color for daybreak.
I had earmarked another color but it was too light. I went through all the possibilities (at least three times now!) and this one is the one! Gosh, I wish I could cast on for it right now but I still have my gratitude journal to write in and I should be going to bed soon.
It's Good to be a Girl is going to be knit in the one below from PDY. :)
Okay, I am off to label my film canisters for my smell & tell experiment tomorrow!

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  1. First off all - GREAT color choices for the 2 patterns you are going to knit. Love them both.

    I agree with you - everyone should taken parenting course. I even wish I could take some, to improve my skills to help my children learn better - I just don't know of any offered. I hear you!

    We're actually working on getting Sean to write his name and he's not even 4 yet. Is that too early/young?


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